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タクロバンのマドンナマリア観音と平和記念碑 Madonna of Japan in Tacloban


As a symbole of peace between the Filipinos and Japanese peolpe 33 years after the Second World War. This monument of the Madonna Maria Kannon is erected in memory of the brave soldies who fought and died in this battle field.
Keiko Sakamoto: Project Director
Nihonkoku Takarazukashi Nikawacho in coorporation with:

Hon.Obdvlia R. Cinco
Tacloban City Mayor
Famility of suviving members
Inscriber: Yoshikazu Sakamoto
Hisako Sakamoto

こ の像はマドンナマリア観音と称し太平洋戦争の戦場となったフィリピン全島に於いて悲しくも戦火の犠牲となってこの世と分かれた@多くの現地住民及び祖国の ためにと参戦した散華した全ての国の軍人軍属の御霊に永遠に安らかなれと祈念し、併せて全世界の平和を願って終戦33年を@念し日比両国の有志が協賛し鎮 魂と平和の象徴としてこの像を建立したものであります。
発起人:日本国宝塚市仁川町 坂本啓子
協賛:タクロバン市民 市長 オブドゥリヤ・シンコ
日比両国@@@ 有志一同
作 坂本儀一 坂本久子





日本国 財団法人東京都遺族連合会
フィリピン共和国 観光局

This Peace commemoration statue and park is dedicated in prayer fro the eternal peace of the souls of the soldiers and paramilitary personel of Japan and the Philippines who bravely fought and died for thier countries as well as all people who lost thier precious lives due to the war.

This place of peace was constructed to further mutual understanding and peace between the peoples of Japan and the Philippines and a recreation area for the people of Leyte.

The Tokyo Survivor Association expresses its deep appraciation for the generous support cooperation of the city of Tacloban, and the Philippine Tourism Authority for the design and realization of this project.

This inscription was written by Hon.Shunichi Suzuki, Governor of Tokyo.

29 March 1995
Tokyo Survivor Association

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