Friday, 15 April 2016

ソ連時代のモデルの生涯を描いたロシアのTVドラマ Красная королева (The Red Queen)

ソ連時代のモデル、ソ連のソフィアローレンと言われたRegina Zbarskiiをモデルにしている。

The film is based on the facts of the biography of the famous Soviet mannequins Regina Zbarskii. It was called the "Soviet Sophia Loren," and "the most beautiful Kremlin weapons." She admired Pierre Cardin, Christian Dior, and Federico Fellini. But who was this proud beauty, really? Why she refused on their behalf? How did you come to success? And what price to pay for it? Life is one of the most famous fashion models of the Soviet Union and the first Soviet model, became known in the West, full of secrets ...

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